What is programming ?

  • Programming is basically creating a set of commands for computer to perform.
  • Command can be as simple as adding two numbers or accessing any file or saving any file.
  • These set of commands collectively creates behavior ( a certain manner in which commands will be executed).
  • Programming is writing command also known as code for your computer to follow.
  • Lets take an example :
    • lets try adding two numbers in calculator
    • First we enter Number1
  • Then the arithmetic operator which is “+”
  • Then second Number2
  • and then we press “=” equal button . Behind the equal button the code or command is written. If the button is pressed the computer will first take Number1 then operator(which is “+”) and then Number2 and show the result of what ever operation is performed.

So, programming is basically writting set of codes(commands) to provide computer instructions about how to complete certain task or job.

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