• Html is markup language which specifies the structure of web pages.
  • Full form of html is Hyper Text Markup Language.
  • As it is markup language it use tags to mark different piece of content.
  • For example : there is paragraph tag <p></p>,heading tags<h></h>and so on. Under which we will write our content.

Its ok if it is not getting into your head . As you progress it will get more clear and more understandable .So, trust the process and continue learning.

What is programming ?

  • Programming is basically creating a set of commands for computer to perform.
  • Command can be as simple as adding two numbers or accessing any file or saving any file.
  • These set of commands collectively creates behavior ( a certain manner in which commands will be executed).
  • Programming is writing command also known as code for your computer to follow.
  • Lets take an example :
    • lets try adding two numbers in calculator
    • First we enter Number1
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